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hello ! ✋ my name is françois huguet and i do like the easy-to-handle webpages.

thanks for thinking i'm interesting enough to check up on. if you've come this far, i dare you to continue reading this page written in the first person.

when the time comes to navigate all day long on over-designed website, you should admit that you're actually reading black-and-white screen writings (some will call this "frugal web" or "brutal web").

i'm sure you're impressed (did i tell you that this 62 Ko page intends to reduce its contribution to digital industry ecological footprint ? #lowtech #highfutures)...

look at you : you're smiling front of a naked website. you thought you needed media queries to be responsive, but no. responsive means that it responds to whatever screensize it's viewed on. this site doesn't care if you're on an imac, a cellphone or a tamagotchi. this page is lightweight and loads fast, it fits on all your screens and looks the same in all your browsers.

here's what you (probably) want to know about me :

i received my ph.d. in media studies from télécom paris in 2016 and if you want to know more about that point you can click on that blue underlined text. i'm primarily sociologist consultant in digital inclusion/transition/literacy. i'm also associate-researcher to the chaire innovation publique, and with the designer zoé aegerter, we co-host a research program around the public services (inclusive) design issues.
i've worked for over nine years now on several research contract as a consultant, research engineer, sociologist, appraiser, etc. the latest project which i have been working on concerns the gender digital divide in french working-class neighborhoods. it aims to build solutions to bridge this gap (a research-project conducted with marine royer and la bobine). before that, i worked on an evaluation of the rench home cancer cure in france which aimed to establish and modeling reproducible solutions in other chronical diseases and on a project about the dignity and autonomy of older people in the healthcare setting.
i assist all the numérique en commun(s) - nec events for the program "société numérique" and i am now working with the designer zoé aegerter, the research chair for public innovation and the seine-saint-denis departmental council on the issue of the access to basic social rights (digital inclusion x multilingualism x illiteracy x forms ans possible uses of voice interfaces). i have been working closely with the architects of the collectif etc, the designer marine royer, bonnefrite as well as with the french red cross on a mobile third place project dedicated to intergenerational dialogue (this project is titled "paquita").

i am also working, with the observatory of cultural policies, on a series of workshops for training and collective reflection about the digital transformation of the institut français.
i used to work as a forerunner of a pre-figuration of a digital inclusion house (family allowances fund - caf caisse d'allocations familiales). i've also been part of a social-design project aimed at draw the residential home of tomorrow with the gerontology pole of the nîmes's university hospital (chu de nîmes) and here again, my partners in crime were marine royer and la bobine.
i also work(ed) for la caisse des dépôts et consignations, la région occitanie / pyrénées-méditerranée, l'office, la mednum (french national coop of digital inclusion stakeholders), l'agence nationale de la cohésion des territoires, le centre de ressources illettrisme et apprentissage de la langue française du gard, the research chair for public innovation (insp, ensci les ateliers, sciencespo, école polytechnique), le lab-O (laboratoire d'innovations des services de l'état en occitanie), la caisse nationale de solidarité pour l'autonomie, le cnfpt, etc.
i have a linkedin profile which you can see by clicking on this other blue underlined text. i also have a twitter account, a medium profile and a webpage on hal and
i teach at université de nîmes (master design innovation société) and i've taught at télécom paris, the institut catholique de paris, at sciencespo, at the université lumière lyon 2, at the beirut french institute, at sciencespo aix, at the american university of paris and at the école de condé (web technologies, cultural studies, sociological methods, analyse de controverses, etc.). i'm a jury member for the french national institute for advanced studies in industrial design, ensci - les ateliers.
i used to be an editor for a magazine named kiblind and a contributor for others online journals like mashallah news, socialter, rue89 culture, urbanités, urbain, trop urbain, usbek & rica, etc.

i'm kinda done with this press game but i often review papers for revue poli.

i do like the arts worlds and this idea proposed by howard becker which says that without each of the individuals who produce materials necessary to construct art, it becomes difficult if not impossible to create art. this concept of art as a product of collective action. i'm the president of an independent music label that promotes contemporary artistic creation in occitan, or linked to the occitan territory.
usually, i read. sometimes, i write. often, i drink ☕. i might be found in a cafe drinking ☕ and reading, or at home drinking ☕ and writing. or just drinking ☕.

you are under no obligation to say anything profound but please, take a moment to say hello just so that i'll know you were here :

my email is : francois.huguet [then put the "at" symbol]
that's all folks, thank you for your attention. have a pleasant day (or evening if you read it before dinner, or a pleasant night if you read it overnight).

françois huguet.